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In our consultation, we'll determine your exact starting point and fitness goals to create a nutrition and workout plan suited to your needs and goals. 

My Story

In March 2021, I was not in a good place. ☹️
Between the lockdowns and menopause, my health spiraled downward.
I'd gained almost 20 lbs and had massive inflammation. I looked like I had put on forty pounds.
My cholesterol and blood pressure were high, and I was borderline diabetic. (My cholesterol and glucose levels were always "borderline" due to genetics).
I hated getting dressed to go anywhere. I always wore loose clothing, trying to hide my body.
I hated shopping for clothes...going for the bigger sizes and standing in front of those dressing room mirrors. 😭
Then there were the summers - even before I gained weight last time. I wouldn't wear a bathing suit...for years. It was shorts and a tank top at the beach.
But in March 2021, I decided to invest in myself. I knew that having a personal coach who could tell me what I needed to do in the gym each day and teach me how to eat was the only way to turn my health around.
Best. Decision. Ever!
In just one year, I went from a size 12 (busting at the seams) to a size 2, losing 40 lbs of fat in the process - and proudly wearing a two-piece bathing suit. 
My cholesterol and glucose levels dropped to the healthiest levels ever (even my life insurance company reduced my insurance premium substantially because of my new health!). My "normal" blood pressure went from 130-140/80 to 110/68.
At 58 yrs of age, I'm in the most incredible shape of my life, and I'm healthier and stronger than ever.
My experience and journey (I'd struggled with my weight my entire life) are why I'm passionate about helping other women get fit and healthy.
Ladies, it doesn't matter your age. Menopause does not have to be your nemesis. We can embrace this season, getting fit and healthy to enjoy all these later years offer.

One-on-One Coaching

Includes, but is not limited to:

  Personalized fitness and nutrition coaching includes a customized nutrition plan and workouts based on your goals. Also, weekly check-ins, coaching calls, and adjustments to nutrition and workouts are included for the duration of the program.


➡️ DISC personality assessment and debrief (understand your strengths, weaknesses, and blind spots for inevitable success & follow-through)
➡️ Access to My Personal App with 1on1 24/7 messaging access
➡️ #1 Mindset Book “Atomic Habits” by James Cleary
➡️ Monthly Recipe packs at the beginning of each month
➡️ Recipe book with low-carb, high-protein, vegan, and smoothie recipes with weekly shopping lists
➡️ Access “Macro Cheat Sheet,” “The Effortless Grocery Store Shopping Guide,” and a dozen other resources to help you stay on track.